December 11 Board Meeting Agenda

December 10, 2018 Galen Schroeder No comments exist

Draft – as of Dec 9, 2018

Canoa Hills Townhomes Board Agenda

December 11, 2018

Canoa Hills Rec. Center 8:00 AM

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of Nov 6, 2018 Board minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report – current financials
  4. Communications Report
  5. Maintenance Reporta. Update/status on current approved projects
    b. New projects suggested for 2019 – budget needs?
  6. Social Committee Report
  7. Architectural Committee Report
  8. Nominating Committee
  9. President’s Report
    a. Letter from President to membership – #3 sent 11/30/18
    b. Karen Rainford taking over website responsibilities from Ann
    c. Century Link paint markings on Pato
    d. Refurbishing park bench on lower Oca
  10. Old Business
    a. Review the need/use for an HOA debit card. Ann will provide an explanation (and/or reiteration) of why it is helpful to her as treasurer and directions for how use of the card can be monitored in the bank statements. Is there need for a written policy or will the Minutes discussion be sufficient?
  11. New Business
    a. Holiday bonuses for Valscape workers
    b. There were several properties that got pretty weedy this past summer. Does the   Architectural Committee need to develop a policy/procedure for homeowner notification? Remedial action?
    c. As more HOA properties are becoming rental: (1) as a minimum we probably need to develop a directory of rental properties/property owners. (2) is there need for a simple policy/procedure for property owners to inform the HOA of tenants and rental periods. (3) Add listing of rental properties to website?
  12. Member comments
  13. Topics for future consideration
  14. Adjournment

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