Garage Door project – update 04/17/2018

April 17, 2018 Galen Schroeder No comments exist

In advance of the Apr 20th deadline, all  properties in the HOA have either chosen to take part in the garage door painting project or they are choosing to have the painting done by their own painter. Consequently the HOA has finalized a contract with the painter and provided a down payment in order to get the project started. Depending upon the weather and the high winds forecast for the remainder of this week, the painter hopes to begin painting by Monday, April 23rd. Barring weather/wind delays, he anticipates completing the project no later than the end of May. We, the Board and the Architectural Committee, would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your acceptance and participation in this project.

If you are interested in having the painter do additional painting of extra downspouts, foundations, or stem walls, you need to make your own arrangements directly with the painter. If you want additional painting, please contact Mario Caloca at (520) 470-2585,

A homeowner has inquired if there is any potential for paint spray drift into the garage in case there is a car parked inside. That issue was discussed with painter and it is his opinion that will not be a problem. However, if you have air vents in the bottom panel of your door and have individual concerns, for your own peace of mind, I suggest you might want to drape your vehicle with a sheet or drop cloth and/or cover the vents on the inside of the garage.

Further questions can be directed to Randy Borgwart (520) 777-5836 or Myrna Main (520) 393-0271.

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