January 8 Board Meeting agenda – draft

January 6, 2019 Galen Schroeder No comments exist

Canoa Hills Townhomes Board Agenda DRAFT
January 8, 2019
Canoa Hills Rec. Center 8:00 AM

1. Call to order

2. Approval of Nov 6, 2018 Board minutes. Approval of Dec 11 Board minutes.

3. Treasurer’s Report – current financials/year-end reports

4. Communications Committee

5. Maintenance Committee

6. Social Committee Report

7. Architectural Committee Report
a. 1271 Oca – for sale by owner – paint issues

8. Nominating Committee

9. President’s Report
a. Waste Management contract

10. Old Business
a. Debit card – approval/disapproval

11. New Business
a. Approval of formation of Auditing Committee
b. Audit Committee policy guidelines
c. Carryover from Dec 11th meeting
i. Summer weeds
1. Policy/procedure for homeowner notification?
2. Remedial action?
ii. HOA rental properties are becoming rental:
1. Create a directory of rental properties/property owners?
2. policy/procedure for property owners to inform the HOA of tenants and rental periods?
3. Add listing of rental properties to website?

12. Member comments

13. Topics for future consideration

14. Adjournment

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