Letter from the President 4-25-2018

April 25, 2018 Galen Schroeder 1 comment

To: Canoa Hills Townhomes HOA members

Subject: Letter from the HOA President – 4/25/2018

Following the Annual Meeting, the Architectural Committee met and new members were added for the coming year. Committee contacts for the coming year are: Galen Schroeder (701) 541-0055, Myrna Main (520) 393-0271, Bob Beardsley (520) 396-3643, and Ron Lindman (612) 716-2358. If you have interest in helping or serving on this committee in the future, please contact me.

As a continuation of my “Letters from the HOA President” as well as some on-going gentle reminders of member responsibilities, I would like to address some of the architectural issues/concerns that the committee has observed and/or has been brought to the committee’s attention.

I am learning that this committee seems to be a flashpoint for misunderstanding and complaints – because obviously no one likes to be told what they can/cannot do with their own property. And yet, with the stated goals of the By-Laws and CC&Rs of maintaining the overall harmony and appearance of the HOA, as a reminder:

  1. Committee authority and structure
    1. Per the By-Laws (Article IX, Sec. 5): “…no building, fence, wall, landscaping or other structure shall be commenced, erected, or maintained, nor shall any exterior addition to or change be made until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.
    2. Per the CC&Rs (Article XII, Sec. 2): “The Architectural Committee shall have the exclusive right, exercisable in its sole discretion, to promulgate and amend written rules and regulations concerning the construction, alteration, repair, modification or addition of any exterior building, wall, fence, coping, drive, or similar structure, and all plans, specifications and plot plans related thereto shall be subject to approval…”
    3. Per the CC&Rs (Article XII, Sec. 4): “The Architectural Committee shall have the right to deny alterations or modifications…”
    4. There is a very simple application process for requesting approval for your plans. A problem arises when a homeowner makes exterior modifications without committee approval. That creates the perception that the committee runs around like a police force to make unreasonable demands regarding work that has already been completed. That is not the case as all the committee members, like you, have other things they could do with their time. If the application process is followed, I would guess that at least 99% of the architectural issues could be avoided.
  2. Paint specifications:
    1. Per the CC&Rs (Article XII, Sec. 3): “After construction is completed, no further change including any change of exterior color, shall be made without the written permission of the Architectural Committee.”
    2. HOA has written paint specifications for exterior colors so as to maintain uniformity throughout the HOA. Our current garage door project will achieve that goal for the front of all the houses; but as a reminder, the paint specs apply to the roof inside parapet walls and the rear of the properties as well.
    3. The Architectural Committee can answer any questions regarding paint. If you need a copy of the specifications or paint swatches, please contact me. The committee recommends Dunn & Edwards paint available from Dunn & Edwards stores in Tucson or from the ACE Hardware store in Sahuarita. If you choose a different brand of paint, it must match the appropriate Dunn & Edwards swatch.
  3. Stucco:
    1. There are a number of homeowners who are replacing the aging T-111 wood siding with stucco. The projects I have seen look great; but this is another exterior change that requires approval. Please ask for approval before the work starts.
    2. If your house is a stucco house, the correct paint color per the HOA specifications is Dunn & Edwards Cliff Brown (DEC 711).
    3. If you are replacing the T-111 wood siding with stucco, the correct color for the stucco addition is Dunn & Edwards Mesa Tan (DEC 718).
  4. Windows: There are an increasing number of homeowners who are replacing the original antique bronze aluminum windows and patio doors with new, more energy efficient units. This is an exterior change that requires approval before work is begun.
    1. I am aware there is some resistance to the original dark bronze color and have begun some research on types/colors of several popular replacement window lines. I will be asking the Architectural Committee to review our current policy in hopes of identifying additional acceptable color selections.
    2. I will inform you of the results and any policy changes when it is completed. In the meantime, please follow the current application/approval process.
  5. Decorative exterior wall hangings: There are many unique decorations on the walls and over garage doors. I think they are great; however, approval is required before the decoration is hung. The committee is not going to refuse any tasteful decoration; but I can’t imagine any homeowner would object if we refused to approve potentially offensive or obscene items.
  6. Outside lighting: Green Valley falls within the Pima County Dark Skies Ordinance which attempts to minimize the light pollution affecting the Whipple Observatory.
    1. Outside bulbs should be no more than 40W incandescent (9w compact fluorescent). There are homes in the HOA with lights much brighter than that. Please check your lights not only in consideration for the Whipple Observatory but also out of respect for your neighbors.
    2. LED bulbs tend to be brighter so need to be sized to emit no more light than a 40 W incandescent.
    3. If you replace the original outside light fixture, your new fixture should be covered at the top so the light does not shine upward.

Again, thanks for reading this rather lengthy letter to the end. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at (701) 541-0055 or president@canoahillstownhomes.org


1 Comment on “Letter from the President 4-25-2018

  1. Joanne Sacomano says:

    I’m happy to use this great resource. Thank you for getting it to us. Perhaps masonry seal can be coordinated to save costs and recommendations on how often sealing needs to be done. This is all new to me. I had no idea that slub block needed sealing so often. Thank you to Mr. Schroeder for recommendations re: landscaping at a reasonable price and to all my neighbors who have given me help and advice. Here comes summer!

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