Letter from the President 10-08-2019

October 11, 2019 Karen Rainford No comments exist

To: Canoa Hills Townhomes HOA members

From: Galen Schroeder Email: galenschroeder@gmail.com

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As seasonal residents begin to return, it is time to share another Letter from the President with you:

  1. I encourage you all (especially new homeowners) to review the Letters from the President submitted over the past years. They highlight Board and Architectural issues and answers that have been offered as “gentle reminders” regarding compliance with HOA CC&Rs. Most are valid/ongoing issues and the comments remain valid.
  2. A big “Thank You” is sent out to Steve and Sally Turner for the donation of a new U.S. flag for the HOA entrance. Since we fly the U.S. and AZ flags 24/7 they only last about one year in our heat and wind. If anyone is so inclined to make a similar donation now or for future use, we are currently in need of replacing the AZ flag. We fly a 4 X 6 U.S. flag and a 3 X 5 AZ flag. We have used Tucson Map and Flag Center at (520) 887-4234 in the past. All of their flags are made in America and can be mailed out with a credit card purchase. Cost for the U.S. flag (plus tax and postage) is about $95. The AZ flag (plus tax and postage) is about $80. Charlie (the owner) will offer a discount package for the two flags (including postage) for about $150.
  3. Regarding the Turners, Sally Turner passed away on October 2nd. Her obituary was in the Green Valley News on Sunday, Oct 6th. We extend our sympathies to Steve and the Turner family.
  4. Regarding weeds – for those who have managed their weeds this past monsoon season, thank you for helping to maintain a well-kept appearance in the HOA. However, there are a number of yards needing attention. If you are in residence, please take a look at your yard. If you are seasonal and have not yet returned, please have your gardener or home watch person do some weeding in your absence.
  5. The HOA landscaping service is working hard on the weeds in the common areas but, it is a challenge staying ahead of the problem – especially as we have expanded the various beautification projects throughout the HOA. For those residents out walking in the cool of the morning, or for those who live close to the beautification areas, I encourage you to spend a few moments in weeding for the HOA.
  6. Despite attempting to not be redundant, the Architectural Committee reiterates its concern over instances where CC&R requirements regarding exterior changes are not being followed. As this is an ongoing problem, another “gentle reminder” is appropriate. If you have plans to remodel, replace, or update ANY exterior features of your home or make significant landscaping changes, please submit an Architectural Change Request form (available on the website) and/or contact me (701) 541-0055 or any committee member. As stated previously, this includes, but is not limited to, paint colors, window and patio door replacements, security screens, pergolas, retractable sunscreens or awnings, wall and garage artwork, yard and landscaping features, and planting tree varieties that are inappropriate for the area.
  7. Regarding paint colors – the HOA cannot tell you where to buy your paint; however, our HOA color palette is based upon the Dunn & Edwards paint brand and is now registered with the Dunn & Edwards stores in Tucson. I will be updating the Paint Specifications information on the website soon and provide login information that will allow a discount on paint purchases made through the Dunn & Edwards stores.
  8. Trying to get consistent, uniform answers from Waste Management regarding rates and other fees associated with our trash service contract is somewhat like “whack-a-mole.” Now that I am back, I will resume discussions regarding the contract. Stay tuned.
  9. Reports of packrat problems seem to be increasing. Please do not place food on the ground for the turtles, javelina, rabbits, coyotes, or other desert wildlife. If you have fig trees or other fruit trees, it is important to pick up the fallen fruit.
  10. The HOA Fall Social is scheduled for Sunday, November 3rd at the Canoa Hills Rec Center. Social at 5:00. Dinner served at 5:30. BYOB. It is a catered dinner at $18 per person. Your reservation for dinner is a check made out to Mary Schroeder and delivered to 3591 Via del Picaflor. The deadline for reservations is October 25th. Call Velma Whittier (207) 592-1223 with any questions.
  11. And, last but not least, the first HOA Board meeting will be Tuesday, Nov 12th in the Mesquite Room at Canoa Hills Rec Center at 8:00 a.m. All HOA members are invited to attend.

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