Letter from the President 12-4-2018

December 4, 2018 Galen Schroeder No comments exist

To: Canoa Hills Townhomes HOA members

Those of us who are seasonal are slowly filtering back from colder climes and want to say hello to all of you year-arounders who have been holding down the fort while we were gone. I, for one, have been gone just long enough to forget everyone’s name, so please bear with me if I don’t remember yours the next time we meet. I actually returned about Sept 20th and have decided I had procrastinated long enough before finally putting together another “Letter from the President” – so here we go –

  1. HOA Dues notification: The 2019 HOA dues letter has been sent. Have you receive yours yet? If you did, your Canoa Hills Townhome HOA payment is due by January 1, 2019. A CHTH addressed envelope is included in the mailing for your payment. If you haven’t receive your invoice, contact Ann Redding, our treasurer at annredd@umich.edu . She will help you to get a replacement invoice.
  2. Holiday decorations: Thanksgiving has come and gone and that includes the holiday decorating of our HOA entrance. If you haven’t come home after dark this past week, be sure to go out to see our magnificent Canoa Hills lighted tree! There were 20 members who showed up to make quick work of the decorating last Saturday. Special thank-yous are due to our tree-raising crew of Rich Marsula, Gary Ballew, and Bruce Lund and to Ginger Downing who brought fresh baked cookies. Many have reported that the lights along the right hand side of the street at the entrance are not working. There are some electrical issues to be resolved and hopefully they will be repaired soon.
  3. The Board: The first Board Meeting of the season was held on November 6th. Monthly Board meetings will be held Dec 11th, Jan 8th, Feb 12th, Mar 12th, and Apr 9th. The next Annual Meeting is scheduled for Mar 15th. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. Member attendance is encouraged and always welcomed.
  4. Board vacancies: ** Please note that two positions will be coming up for election next March. At this point, Dick Anderson has indicated he will run for reelection. Dick has been invaluable in his role as Maintenance committee chair for 3 years. It will be wonderful if we can have him on the Board for another term. Ginger Downing is stepping down from the Board at the end of her term. As Communications committee chair Ginger has filled an important role in maintaining the HOA directory, dues notifications and dealing with the Title Company on home sales – Big Shoes – Important Position. Please visit with Roger Eckstrom, the Nominating Committee chair, or any Board member if you are interested in knowing more about Board operations or would be willing to stand for election to the Board. In our efforts to maintain our volunteer Board status vs. the cost of a management company, we will always be looking for potential board and Committee members.
  5. Weed control: With the above average rainfall this past monsoon season (measuring 18.5 inches in one HOA rain gauge) there was phenomenal weed growth this year. Many thanks to those members who kept their weeds under control and to the seasonal members who made arrangements for weed control during their absence. However, there were a surprising number of properties left unattended and looking bad enough that it prompted some walkers coming through the HOA to comment that they had never seen it so weedy in our HOA. The HOA does not currently have a policy in place for treating weeds on unattended properties and then billing the property owners; but it looks like that is a topic that should be discussed at a future Board meeting.
  6. Tree pruning: We have received a number of calls about pruning. Due to the weed pressure caused by the high rainfall, more time and effort was required for controlling weeds; so consequently, tree pruning was delayed. Pruning has now begun and will proceed as quickly as possible. If you have particular requests or concerns and you don’t see anything happening in the next week or two, give me or Dick Anderson a call.
  7. Old golf course/new Pima County Park: Based upon recommendations from the GV Fire Department and conversations with the Pima County Flood Control Department (owners /managers of the new park), Dick Anderson and I are looking at the need to clean up and, in some cases expand, the fire buffer between the HOA and the proposed park. If you have observed the old golf course area, you have no doubt noted the lack of mowing and the added fire hazard that represents. Indications are that it may take several years before the County does any serious tree maintenance or mowing on the park property. Consequently, it behooves the HOA to do what we can to reduce the fire hazard to our property. Valscape, our landscaping contractor, will begin to prune/remove vegetation and some trees in the common area along the back of the housing along Pato and Oca adjacent to the Park. Our intent is to remove lower branches and to minimize the removal of trees, but some removal may be necessary.

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