Letter from the President 03-06-2019

March 6, 2019 Ann Redding 1 comment

To: Canoa Hills Townhomes HOA members

Subject: Letter from the HOA President [4] – March 6, 2019

Suddenly it is March and I apologize for not getting this letter out sooner. Below are a number of items I would like to share with you:

  1. Holiday decorations:  First of all, a belated thank you to all who helped with the holiday decorating at the HOA entrance.  A big THANK YOU is extended to the 20+ members who assisted with the installation at Thanksgiving time, for many of the same 20+ members who braved the cold on Jan 8th to make quick work of the take-down, and especially for the dedication of our tree crew – Rich Marsula, Gary Ballew, and Bruce Lund – who organize the work, maintain the lights, and make certain the lights go one when the switch is thrown. If you haven’t helped in the past, I encourage you to do so. It is a good way for new HOA members to meet people and for us to get acquainted with you.
  2. Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting is scheduled for 9:00 AM on Thursday, March 14th at Canoa Hills Rec Center. Please plan to attend so that we may be assured of a quorum. Click here to see the agenda for the Annual Meeting. Also as a reminder, the next regular Board meeting will be at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, March 12th at Canoa Hills Rec Center. Member attendance is always welcome and appreciated. Click here to view the agenda.
  3. Architectural Committee concerns: It is apparent from several recent situations that a gentle reminder is needed regarding member plans for any additions, alterations, improvements, remodeling, etc. to the exterior of their property. This is a requirement clearly stated in the CC&Rs. Please note, this includes not only work you would like to do to your house but also includes selection and planting of any trees or other significant landscaping changes to your front yard or patio area. The Architectural Change Request form is available on the website. Before beginning any work, please submit the form for review. Keep in mind that the Committee members are homeowners just like you and the last thing they want to do is to act like policemen trying to enforce CC&R requirements after the fact. Without HOA approval before starting projects, it could well lead to an expensive “do-over” and hard feelings – neither of which are desirable as we all try to be good neighbors and responsible HOA members.
  4. Rental properties: There are several houses in HOA that are being rented. At the present time, the HOA is not aware of all the properties included in that group. Based upon State Statutes, legal counsel has recommended that we be aware of and maintain a list of those properties. So, for any property owners who rent their houses for any period of time during the year, please contact Randy Borgwardt (at 520-777-5836 or bborgwardt@cox.net). Randy will be compiling the list of properties. Landlords are expected to follow the CC&R provisions specifying the minimum rental period permitted and to comply with the 55-year age restriction.
  5. Landscaping (Maintenance and Beautification): With the extended rains this year, weeds have been a challenge and that consequently delayed the pruning schedule. Pruning is now well underway. Please keep in mind that our landscaping contract with Valscape is only for four days per month; so some things might not get done as quickly as you think they should. If you have any concerns or see areas you feel need attention, please give Dick Anderson or me a call.  
  6. Speed limit: Keep in mind that the speed limit within the HOA is 25 mph. And yes, I am fully aware how difficult that is to do as we zip up and down Pato and Oca. Please watch your speed. It would be a shame if we had to consider adding additional speed bumps.
  7. Street lighting: The entry-way lights along the right-hand side of Pato are not working. It has turned into a bigger job than originally thought and requires replacing some of the underground wiring. We are hoping that that will not include the wiring under the street. Repair is scheduled somewhere around manaña-time but it will get done!
  8. House lighting: Please keep in mind the Pima County “Dark Skies” regulations for outside lighting. Your outside lights should not exceed 40W incandescent. Keep in mind that LEDs and fluorescents shine brighter than incandescent bulbs so should be adjusted accordingly.
  9. Old golf course/new Pima County Park:
    1. Recently there was a crew at work on two different areas of park near the HOA doing some tillage and herbicide application.
    1. The Winter, 2019 issue of the Community Quarterly contained an article on the formation of a “Friends of the Park” 501(c)(3) group. Two public forums were held in January.
    1. I do not have further details on either point now but will be attending a GVC/County meeting on March 7th and expect to learn more.
  10. Trash service: 
    1. We became aware of Waste Management (WM) charges for some members varied from our HOA contract rate. One cause was that WM maps did not include all the HOA addresses. Another possible cause is that new members initiating service did not identify themselves as part of the Canoa Hills Townhomes contract. The address issue has been resolved and I have been told by WM that adjustments will be made if necessary. The rate under the current contract for 3 months should be $63.24 plus an “admin fee” of $6.50. If you are paying more than that I suggest you call WM (800-288-9666) to insure you are included in the adjustments that will be made. If you are paying less than that, I wouldn’t shake the tree!
    1. If you would choose to change your WM contract to paperless/auto-pay, the “admin fee” is waived and your quarterly cost would be reduced by $6.50.

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  1. Do we really need the twice weekly service. I have been told that other contractors are somewhat less expensive as well. With the larger bins once a week could be sufficient. When is our contract up with WM? I would be willing to contact other reputable contractors for comparable cost.
    Dick Newton

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