Letter from the President 2-21-2020

February 21, 2020 Karen Rainford No comments exist

To: Canoa Hills Townhomes HOA members

Subject: Letter from the HOA President [8] – February 21, 2020

We are in the midst of a significant change on the Board so, no doubt, it is time for a Letter from the President for an update.  But before that, there are several “Save the Date” items to highlight:

              March 10th – the next monthly Board meeting
              March 12th – the Annual meeting – Please plan to attend.
              March 15th – the Spring HOA Social

  1. The holiday decorations at the HOA entrance were taken down on Jan 10th.  Another big “Thank You” is needed for Rich Marsula and his crew of Gary Bellew, Bruce Lund, and Tom Halblieb – as well as the 19 residents who also showed up to help. Please plan to help with the putting up and taking down next year. It is a great time to meet some neighbors; and somehow, treats usually show up to sweeten the deal.
  2. Regarding a Board change – I have some Bad New-Good News to report. The Bad News is the fact that after many years of yeoman service as the Maintenance Committee chair, Dick Anderson has resigned from the Board. We all owe Dick a big thank you and debt of gratitude for the time and effort he has put into the maintenance and beautification issues for so many years. The Good News is that David Krueger-Duncan has accepted an invitation to join the Board to complete Dick’s unexpired term and pick up the responsibilities as Maintenance Chair. David will be appointed to the Board at the next meeting. Until then, Dick will assist David in the transition.
  3. As a reminder to all residents – when the Valscape landscaping crew is working in the Common Areas, residents should not interfere with their work or attempt to change their work orders that are underway for the day.  Until David is oriented to the job and officially appointed to the position, I suggest that you contact me with any issues, problems, or questions regarding Maintenance so that we don’t overwhelm David while he is getting his feet on the ground. In the meantime, please do not cause confusion or work delays by interfering with the landscaping crew.
  4. With the ongoing unseasonal rains, the weeds are popping and complaints are being lodged regarding unchecked growth in the Beautification areas. Along with completion of the pruning efforts for this year, we are renewing the weed control efforts. That being said, in addition to the weed issues in the Common Areas, there are number (too many) of residential yards that are showing the same uncontrolled weed growth. It behooves us all to look at our own properties and take care of our own weeds as well.
  5. Voting for two Board positions will be occurring soon. An email has gone out recently on that subject. Despite a concerted search and some arm-twisting we were unable to find any new members willing to step forward to serve the HOA. Ann Redding and Randy Borgwardt have agreed to run for reelection. There will be one opening next year; so please consider “taking a turn” to help us remain a self-managed HOA. Without volunteers willing to serve, we will have to turn to a management company and you can plan on your HOA dues going up by about $150-200 per year. Think about it – that is what your volunteer Board has been saving you since you purchased your home in the HOA.
  6. In my last letter, I pointed out that when a property is placed on the market for sale, it MUST have an Architectural Committee inspection of the exterior to ensure compliance with the CC&Rs and Paint Specifications. Please be aware that if an inspection has not been completed and violations remain to be resolved, the Title Company may refuse to close on the property. Whether you may be planning to sell – or not – if you would like the Architectural Committee to review your property to make recommendations, please contact me.
  7. Sounding like a broken record, I will continue to emphasize the requirement for submission of an Architectural Change Request if you have ANY plans to remodel, replace, or update ANY exterior features of your home or make significant landscaping changes. The form is on the website or contact me or any committee member. As stated previously, this includes, but is not limited to, paint colors, window and patio door replacements, security screens, pergolas, retractable sunscreens or awnings, wall and garage artwork, yard and landscaping features, and trees.
  8. Our Waste Management contract has been under review for some time. At the last Board meeting it was decided that we would reduce the contract to 1X trash pickup and 1X recycling pickup per week instead of the current 2X trash – 1X recycling. Details of when the new contract and the pickup schedule will take effect will be forthcoming. Until then, the regular schedule stays in effect.

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