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July 24, 2020 Karen Rainford No comments exist

Our new Waste Management contract was signed in March and the new, lower charges should have been reflected in the next quarterly billing. That did not happen. When pointed out to WM, they apologized and assured me that the overcharge would be credited in the next billing. Well, we have now received the next billing and if you have not yet looked closely, we were charged the lower quarterly rate – but the overcharge was not credited as promised. Disappointing to say the least. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice?

To make you aware, eagle-eyed Kathy Spratt did notice and called me last week. Thank you Kathy for bringing it to my attention. I immediately contacted WM to point this out and asked for an explanation. It turns out that our account manager is out of the office until July 27th so it looks like I am stuck until then for (another) apology and (another) promise to fix it in the next billing. So stay tuned. I will keep you informed of developments.

Galen Schroeder

(701) 541-0055

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