Letter from the President 04-22-2019

April 22, 2019 Ann Redding 1 comment

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To: Canoa Hills Townhomes HOA members

Subject: Letter from the HOA President [5] – April 20, 2019           

As seasonal residents begin to filter away, there are a number of items to share with you:

  1. Architectural concerns: The Architectural Committee would like to reiterate its concerns over the increasing instances where members are not following CC&R requirements regarding exterior changes to their homes and yards. As this seems to be a growing problem, another “gentle reminder” is needed. This is important as the Architectural Committee assumes that we all, as responsible homeowners in the Canoa Hills Townhomes, wish to maintain the desirable aesthetics of what attracted us to this neighborhood in the first place. Please note the pertinent parts of the Conventions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) which include the requirements:

    1. Article XII, Section 3 states that “Prior to the construction of any improvement upon a Lot, whether such improvement be initial improvements or later alterations, modifications or other changes, all Owners shall be required to obtain the written approval of the Architectural Committee….”; and
    1. Article XI, Section 1 states “…. All exterior repairs shall be made in conformance with the original architectural design and style of the structure being repaired.”

What does this include? While not an all-inclusive list, but based upon recent issues or requests, it includes such things as paint colors, color of window and patio door replacements (regardless of whether or not they can be seen from the street), security screens, pergolas, retractable sunscreens or awnings, wall and garage artwork and significant yard and landscaping features – especially selection and planting of tree varieties that are inappropriate. The key take-away here is – if you plan on making repairs, changes, additions, or planting something outside, it is much better to request an Architectural review (per the CC&RS) rather than making the committee run around as a “police force” to deal with situations after the fact – which, if they end up as violations, can end up being unpleasant if it requires an expensive “do-over.” It is a simple process to request a review as the Architectural Change Request form is available for download on the website. If you have questions, please call/text me at (701) 541-0055 or call Myrna Main at (520) 393-0271.

  • Yard art: While related to Architectural concerns, yard art is not specifically addressed in the CC&Rs. And, while recognizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are a few front yards that have raised concerned questions from some residents as to (a) what is a tasteful display and (b) what number of items becomes just “too much” for the size of the yard. I ask each resident with multiple yard art items to take a discriminating look at their display and ask themselves, “If this was in my neighbor’s yard, would I find it attractive or does it look a bit tacky?” If you have multiple items and you really love them, possibly a few could be moved to your patio so you could better enjoy them rather than displaying all of them to your neighbors who may not find them as meaningful as you do.
  • Weed control: It was apparent during the past monsoon season that a number of homeowners, both seasonal and full-time, were not taking care of the weeds in their yards – so much so that non-residents were commenting that they had never seen Canoa Hills so weedy. If you are a seasonal resident, please have someone to monitor your yard in your absence. If you are a full-time resident, please plan to control the weeds in your yard. One parting thought regarding lupines – the blooms are beautiful; but their prevalence is increasing and they are becoming a serious infestation in some yards. If you have a heavy infestation in your yard, please thin down the number of plants and please remove the plants completely following the blooming period.
  • Trash service: Regarding the Waste Management contract – negotiations were not started early enough at the end of our previous 5-year contract with WM and it has automatically rolled over for another year. At this point, differing messages are being received from WM regarding rates. These will need to be resolved going forward in contract negotiations. There is an “account manager” with whom I talk and she tells me one thing. Residents call into WM Customer Service and they are told a different story. Disappointing (disgusting) and should not be happening especially with the confusion being added by the “recycling fees” situation. However, considering increasing costs for recycling, if you have any feedback, pro or con, regarding continuing or dropping recycling in any future contract, please let me know your thoughts. There are other trash service options to WM and they will be investigated.
  • Block party: And, last but not least, please plan to join your neighbors for the HOA Spring Block Party on Sunday, April 28th. It will be held on the street in front of 3621 Ciguena. Cost is $6 per person to be paid at the party, cash only. BYOB, other than that, all else will be provided. Plan to come by 5:00 pm. Food will be served at 5:30. If you can help to provide tables and chairs, you can drop them off in the driveway on Saturday afternoon or bring them by 4:30 on Sunday. Please RSVP to Velma Whittier (207) 592-1223 or Mary Schroeder (701) 235-7733.

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  1. Denis Nathan says:

    Do I need permission to remove a palm tree on my property. While i dislike removing trees, this was planted too close to the house. It s droppings has caused roof problems.
    Denis Nathan
    1370 Camino de la Oca

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